It’s not just the inside that counts. The exterior area of your home, whether it is your front yard or back yard, is an extension of what’s going on inside your home. And it is as much a blank canvas like the walls, corners, and rooms of your house. More often than not though, your exterior space is reserved for more casual, fun, and purposeful designs to accommodate your outdoor activities. Accenting it with natural features like flora, fauna, water features, and stonework will create a warmer welcome and provide a more inviting space for you and your guests. Whatever design you choose, the possibilities are endless and are only up to the terrain, your ideas, and your creativity. 


Check out these landscape designs to help inspire you to transform your home exterior. 

A Vintage Modern Landscaping Mix

One of the best things about vintage designs is its versatility. You can often create a whole new atmosphere by putting your own spin on it by mixing it up with other styles. Giving a more modern touch to this vintage fibro beach shack style home in Avoca Beach, Australia, True Northern Architects gave this home plenty of outdoor space, maximum exposure to the sun, and a magnificent view of the beach. 

Brigid Arnott/ True North Architects


Instead of building across the full width of the home, this outdoor space was made with a series of terraces, decks, and gardens that follow the slope of the property. And to keep with the modern feel, unconventional materials like corrugated iron and steel were used to complement the hardwood timbers. 

Waterfall Feature

Water provides such a calming influence on any landscape. When mixed with warm natural elements such as wood and natural flora, it makes a place all the more inviting, safe, and homely. For instance, the beautiful facade of this Wyoming home has been further accentuated by the stone elements and the water features from an ancient aquifer in the area. 

The chairs placed all around the deck area make it a perfect spot for barbecue gatherings, some drinks with friends, and even just a quiet cup of coffee to enjoy the last rays of the afternoon sun. 

Modernist Palette Landscape

You can never go wrong with following nature’s own color palette. Following the tones of the tree in the middle of the assembly, O Plus L allowed the California home’s interior to flow smoothly to the outside. Using the same materials such as the wooden plank floors and the glass table, they echoed the home’s horizontal lines into the exterior landscape.


This outside space could be the perfect relaxation spot at any time of the day. It can be the scene of a huge cocktail party or it could be the scene of an intimate gathering during special occasions. 

Woodland Dreams Landscape

The owners of this Boston property has made full use of their home’s backyard woodland setting. By extending their back porch to a bluestone patio with an outdoor fireplace, they have created a wonderful haven for some outdoor dining or to simply enjoy the sights of nature. 

In addition to the patio, the designers have also carved out irregular bluestone paths that trail around a shade garden and a koi pond. They also further accentuated the mystic of the place by adding various and plentiful fauna like Vision in Pink astilbe, yellow grass Hakonechloa Aureola, tree Betula Whitespire, and Pennisetum Hameln. 

Vine-Covered Pergola

There’s nothing that makes outdoor dining areas homier and more welcoming than adding natural elements into the setup. Whether it’s by using whicker chairs or by setting up the dining area under plant-covered roofing like this, natural elements provide the kind of ambiance that is difficult to recreate. 

With this pergola, the designers created a beautiful contrast with the flowing and trailing vines with the vertical lines of the beams and the straight lines of the dining set. The overhead elements also provided a perfect avenue for the vines to beautifully frame the dining area.