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Northville Landscaping: Backyard Fireplace 7-30-12

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Another fireplace was designed by Rajai and Rob and this one has to be built from scratch due to the sites precise measurements.  We constructed it in our 3D engineering software in order to make sure it will be constructed properly and also to create a construction document for our installers.  Efficiency and planning helps us to build your project faster, but also it reduces the cost for our clients.

Although the designs may differ with infinite possibilities, the main aspects must be stable in order to provide a solid product for our Northville, Novi, and Plymouth clients.  The inner shell of the fireplace must be built out of fireproof materials that are correctly pieced together and bonded with specific materials.  The outer shell is the “veneer”, this is where our landscape designers minds can start creating the magnificent.  Pergolas are built with 4 aspects in mind: posts, cross beams, joists and lattice.  With those aspects correctly applied in a creative and appealing way, you will have a fireplace that will help accent your backyard landscape.

Here are some photos of the first days of construction of this Northville landscaping backyard fireplace:

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