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Landscape Install: Return on Investment

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Do you believe a kitchen or bath remodel will bring a bigger ROI (Return on Investment) percentage to your home?  Time to re-evaluate.  Landscape re-design is the highest percentage ROI of all home remodeling.  The internet is littered with articles that have numbers ranging from 70% all the way to 200%.  That’s right, 200% according toMoney Magazine, with the average being about 150%.


Here’s the deal.  Not all landscaping is going to bring you a high ROI.  For example, seven shrubs and a crooked tree installed by your cousin, the self-proclaimed “landscape expert”, is not going to bring you a 200% return.  Nor will a massive rock waterfall with a babbling brook in your backyard.  These features, although maybe fitting for your budget or style, are not positives for your ROI.


A well thought-out and designed landscape by a professional will help you in raising your percentages.  Front yard landscape designs follow a “Form-Over-Function” motto.  They need to obtain substantial curb appeal by using some well-placed trees for height, balanced shrubs and perennials for color, and proper hedges to provide the framework of your landscape.  A backyard landscape is a more “Function-Over-Form” mindset because this aspect contains more usable space that tailors to your needs.  Some high ROI items include fireplaces, built-in grills, patios, pergolas, and seating walls.  These can be designed in way that creates a pleasant feel and extends your living area to the outdoors.  Design elements that do not apply high returns are non-usable items like waterfalls, creeks, and ill-created gardens.


Whether your budget is $5,000 or $50,000, a pleasant/ appealing landscape can be applied to your home and help create an ROI that is in your favor.

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